This is a page to show the colors available for POPFile buckets, my proposed new ones and why we need more.

While working on the color definition method I came up with I realized there was no Yellow available. Once I realized that I found a couple more colors that would be pretty nice to have available. If I remember right the current skin color choices have been with us since before the skinning system so all the color choices were based on what worked on what is now default skin. Realizing this (along with several requests for more colors by a user with way too many buckets) made me finally see we could use a few more. I always thought PF had plenty of colors to choose from but now that I think about it I have 9 buckets and I am about out of colors that I want to use.

Also feldspar has never worked right with Netscape/Mozilla, it used to not appear at all so the problem wasn't really visible, but with the new CVS color chooser it shows up as black. After some trial and error I discovered its really two different colors even in IE depending on how its defined (CSS or HTML). Since Feldspar is such a problem maybe the best solution for that is to replace it with another tan similar to the IE version since thats what most people were seeing. Moccasin is pretty close and doesn't seem to have the problem of being defined with two different colors.

All the new colors I am proposing are named colors, but I am defining them as hex and using their actual names for the display text. This may not be necessary, but just to be safe so we don't have another feldspar problem at some point I think we should do this. If you want to be consistant (for easier parsing) we could just require all colors defined this way (only 16 name are actually defined by standards). If so I will look them up and upload a new version. It would be more convienant for skinners to allow either way, but the theory behind my definition scheme is to only redefine colors necessary to be visible on the skin so there shouldn't be a lot a skinner would need to change.

Another question I have is should current colors stay in the same order or do we mix them all together and reorder them (by name, color, or darkness)? Moving them around would either mess up people's bucket color or require code to convert to the new system. If we stick with the old system and just add to the end of it where do we put black for easiest handling? As its sorted in PF black is at the bottom making it color 21. In my definition its 0. Does that matter? POPFile is already building up a lot of upgrade code in it and if possible I would like to minimize it where its not absolutly necessary. Another solution to this would be to just add new colors to the end and then sort them by name when displaying in the UI.

As far as I can tell, named colors can be written in any case, and since we are defining them in hex anyway, we could display them in wordcase (VioletRed instead of violetred). Its just easier to read. We could also space them out, but that takes up even more space in the UI. To save space I even avoided colors with long names.

Some of these colors are kind of close, closer than I thought they should be when I began, but they give users more choices. Like me there are probably some colors people don't want to use. If you want to keep a nice round number I can reduce the additions down to 20 or if I have to 10 or 15 but I think all these are good additions.

Current Proposed Additions

* The feldspar problems:
feldspar number - the supposed true color of feldspar according to some CSS definition (probably draft since I can't find where), Moz and Opera use this color.
feldspar IE color - the color IE and KDE use.
feldspar named - feldspar as a named color does not work with doctype HTML 4.01 Transitional on Mozilla, it works on IE6, Opera, and KDE.
feldspar sytle - when using CSS definition feldspar doesn't work with Moz, IE, or KDE, but does work in Opera.
Moccasin - a bit lighter but sill a good replacement for feldspar.
BurlyWood - kind of in between the two feldspar verisons.

The format of the definition file (not quite up to date with the set of colors I am proposing):
# Skin Color Definitions
# Skinners can adjust colors that conflict with their skin's color theme.
# Please only change colors that are not visible or hard to read.  We don't
# want complete color themes as it will only confuse the user.  To redefine
# certain colors you only need to list those in your color.def file, others
# will be taken from the default skin.
# If you use a non-named color, they may be read by a screen reader and
# html color codes will have little meaning.  Therefore you must give your
# color a simple name, possibly just the color family (orange, blue, etc).
# For example, if I had a skin with an orange background then I would want
# to redefine color5 (Orange) and color18 (DarkOrange) to other colors:
# color5:  #D46E00 Orange
# color18: Coral
# For named colors see
# Not all named colors are valid in all browsers, so to be safe you may
# want to define named colors with their number and name as well.  Only
# 16 colors are actually defined by the W3C HTML 4.0 and CSS standard.

color0:  Black      # used for unclassified pseudo bucket
color1:  Red
color2:  Green
color3:  Blue
color4:  Brown
color5:  Orange
color6:  Purple
color7:  Magenta
color8:  Gray
color9:  Plum
color10: Silver
color11: Pink
color12: LightGreen
color13: LightBlue
color14: LightCyan
color15: LightCoral
color16: LightSalmon
color17: LightGrey
color18: DarkOrange
color19: DarkCyan
color20: #D19275 Feldspar
color21: #A0522D Sienna
color22: #FF6347 Tomato
color23: #FF1493 DeepPink
color24: #8B0000 DarkRed 
color25: #C71585 MediumVioletRed
color26: #DA70D6 Orchid
color27: #6A5ACD SlateBlue
color28: #8A2BE2 BlueViolet
color29: #4B0082 Indigo
color30: #000080 Navy
color31: #008080 Teal
color32: #1E90FF DodgerBlue
color33: #48D1CC MediumTurquoise
color34: #7CFC00 LawnGreen
color35: #FFFF00 Yellow
color36: #FFD700 Gold
color37: #DAA520 GoldenRod
color38: #B8860B DarkGoldenRod
color39: #F0E68C Khaki
color40: #E6E6FA Lavender

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