I know we aren't aiming at Lynx users, but my theory is if it doesn't look right here it likely isn't very accessable.

The History page in 0.21 used to work great in Lynx, now the headers aren't above each column. And the X and < > column controls look extra stupid here. Makes me wonder what users of screen readers are going to think. Without doing any investigating I suspect the broken layout has to do with the column controls. Each column header is made up of a table inside the history table's cells.

The Buckets page has improved some with the new style bucket config method, but is still is not very useable. It still has the trouble of headers not above their columns just like 0.21.

Because the way I designed the Config Bar it works great in Lynx.

History 0.21
Buckets 0.21

History 0.23 CVS
Buckets 0.23 CVS
Config Bar 0.23 CVS